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August 2022

Updated Lizard show cage standard. Black vinyl wrapping

Following consultation with the LCA Council members the Lizard show cage standard has been updated to include the use of black vinyl wrapping for the outside of the cage. Click here to read the full article published in C&AB on 17th August 2022

December 2021 

Robert Yates Award – 2021

Hardworking chairman is awarded ‘well-deserved’ Robert Yates trophy THE LIZARD CANARY Association (LCA) has presented club chairman Jeremy Goacher with its prestigious Robert Yates Award… Click here to continue to read the article published in C&AB on 1st December 2021

March 2021

A look back at 2020

NOW that 2020 is over, instead of looking at the year prior, I thought I would reflect on the year that seemed to pass most of
us by… Click here to continue to read the article published in C&AB on 24th March 2021

September 2020

The Hitch-hikers guide to the Lizard canary

What makes the Lizard canary unique?  A series by Huw Evans over the coming months. As the articles are published by C&AB they will be made available here.

Episode 1 – click here 

Episode 2 – click here

Episode 3 – click here

Episode 4 – click here

Episode 5 – click here

Episode 6 – click here

Episode 7 – click here

Answers to the quiz posed in episode 7  (Scroll to the bottom of the page).

29th July 2020

The LCA Founder’s trophy

In the first of an occasional series, inspired by a trophy treasure discovered by Dagenham CBS earlier this year, C&AB asked the Lizard Canary Association to unearth the story behind its famous premier cup…click here for the full article

22nd July 2020

The Lizard, the War and the LCA.

Did the formation of a specialist society really rescue this classic breed…To read the article by the LCA President John Martin…click here

15th July 2020

The LCA Council Meeting – May 2020

Like many clubs and associations the normal LCA business was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. To read the Club Roundup article in Cage and Aviary Birds…click here

22nd January 2020

Alex Maclean wins the Classic with a broken cap gold hen

After the loss of the Classic last year it was pleasing to see the 2019 show go ahead and be well supported. To read the article in Cage and Aviary Birds…click here

15th January 2020

New ring size for LCA Lizards

The New Year brings with it a difference in canary ring sizes for members of the LCA…click here for the full article

18th December 2019

What does rescinding the colour-feeding rule mean?

At its AGM on November 3 2019, the Lizard Canary Association (LCA) revoked the “colour-feeding rule” introduced in 2012…click here for the full article

11th December 2019

Years of service applauded.

Three former Council members of the Lizard Canary Association (LCA) have been recognised for their decades of loyal support. Last month, long-service awards were presented to…click here for the full article

6th November 2019

The LCA and BLCC: Joint statement

An informal meeting was held between senior officers of the LCA and BLCC at the 2019 National Exhibition to…to read more click here

18th September 2019

Is the classic Lizard heading towards extinction? 

Article by Huw Evans identifies the threats…click here for the full article

26th June 2019

LETTER OF THE WEEK – Single-mindedness at the LCA 

I HAVE not bred Lizard canaries for many years, but when I did I always used to colour-feed them. In recent years I have viewed the controversy over whether to colour-feed or not with some concern…click here for the full letter

19th June 2019

The LCA’s famous ‘Classic’ is back and welcomes natural-coloured Lizards

FOLLOWING A BREAK in 2018, the Lizard Canary Association (LCA) “Classic” is back this November and it will be even bigger with separate classes for noncolour-fed (natural) Lizards, say officials…click here to read the full article

5th June 2019

Club roundup Show reports, dates, club notices

LIZARD CANARY ASSOCIATION is pleased to say that the LCA patronage process went ahead without a hitch. In 2018 many Lizard clubs and CBSes applied for and had patronage granted for their shows. These shows and the show results for the Lizards are as follows…click here to read the full article 

10th April 2019

A renewed focus for the LCA.

New LCA chairman JEREMY GOACHER summarises the changes made this year to set the association back on track. The past 12 months have proved to be very challenging for the Lizard Canary Association (LCA), with the resignation of a number of the council members and the loss of its premier show – the LCA Classic in November. However, I am delighted to say, there is now light at the end of the tunnel…click here to read the full article