The Lizard Canary Association of Great Britain is dedicated to the promotion and conservation of the oldest breed of canary: the Lizard canary.

classic Lizard canaries
Clear cap gold hen (natural) . . . . . Broken cap silver cock (natural) . . . . . . Broken cap silver hen (colour-fed) . . . Non cap gold cock (colour-fed).

The Lizard canary is a living antique, with a history that spans over three centuries.  It is a creation of the Georgian period, and is bred for the pattern of its plumage: a design comprising intricate dark markings set against a rich gold or silver background.

The Lizard canary is so named because the pattern of its plumage has been likened to the scales of an exotic lizard, and its unique characteristics have survived unchanged up to the present day.

Thanks to the L.C.A. and the dedicated fanciers who maintain pure-bred strains of the breed, the Lizard canary has emerged from the verge of extinction at the end of the Second World War to become a well established, if still rare, breed with a golden future.

LCA Classic 2021 – Sunday 14th November

The 2021 LCA Classic will be held at Roade on the 2nd Sunday in November – 14th November.

Classes for the 2021 Classic will be the same as 2019 ie Colour fed – 14 Champion and 14 Novice classes and for Naturals – 7 Champion and 7 Novice classes. Best in Show Awards for the 2021 Classic – The approach for the 2019 LCA Classic will be adopted for the 2021 Show ie there will be awards for both Best Colour fed and Best Natural Lizards.

Show schedules and entry forms will be sent out to all members by the Show Secretary in October.

Please note that the Classic will revert to its usual slot of the 1st Sunday in November in 2022.

26th August 2021

The National Exhibition Show – Stafford 2021 – 3rd October

The show schedule and entry form have been sent out to all members.

National schedule and entry form are also available from Tony Horton – the Show Secretary. Please either email Tony at or call 07885 371903

Classes will be provided for colour-fed and natural coloured classic Lizard canaries.

Click here for the National show schedule

Click here for the Entry form

Entries close on 24th September 2021

March 2021

A look back at 2020

NOW that 2020 is over, instead of looking at the year prior, I thought I would reflect on the year that seemed to pass most of
us by… Click here to continue to read the article published in C&AB on 24th March 2021

Importing and Exporting birds to the EU (including movement of birds to shows in the EU)

As of 1st January 2021 new regulations came into force regarding importing and exporting birds to Europe. The full regulations can be viewed at the APHA/DEFRA website – click here to view the regulations

This has also resulted in the Balai Regulations, which the IOA COM UK had with the EU covering the movement of birds to shows in Europe, now being null and void.

Alan Robinson the IOA COM UK General Secretary who attended a meeting with DEFRA concerning the new regulations and their impact on the bird breeders in the UK has reported the following – click on the link to read his report

November 2020

LCA Rings

2021 LCA rings are now available and LCA ID rings (violet for 2021) can be ordered. Please note that rings are supplied to fully paid up L.C.A. members only.

Please click on the link to take you to the rings order page – order rings