The Lizard Canary Association of Great Britain is dedicated to the promotion and conservation of the oldest breed of canary: the Lizard canary.

classic Lizard canaries
Clear cap gold hen (natural) . . . . . Broken cap silver cock (natural) . . . . . . Broken cap silver hen (colour-fed) . . . Non cap gold cock (colour-fed).

The Lizard canary is a living antique, with a history that spans over three centuries.  It is a creation of the Georgian period, and is bred for the pattern of its plumage: a design comprising intricate dark markings set against a rich gold or silver background.

The Lizard canary is so named because the pattern of its plumage has been likened to the scales of an exotic lizard, and its unique characteristics have survived unchanged up to the present day.

Thanks to the L.C.A. and the dedicated fanciers who maintain pure-bred strains of the breed, the Lizard canary has emerged from the verge of extinction at the end of the Second World War to become a well established, if still rare, breed with a golden future.

Tony Horton wins the 2023 LCA Classic.

This year’s Classic, with 205 birds entered, there was once again very strong competition for the top placings. After a number of years with novices taking the top awards, this year, once the judging was completed all three top placings went to champion exhibitors. Tony Horton won Best in Show with a natural non-cap gold hen which the judges described as ‘outstanding’. Second was David Newton with a broken cap gold hen and Ian Adcock was place third with a clear cap silver cock which also received a Highly Commended Award.

For the full judges report click here.

For pictures of the winners receiving their awards click here

2024 LCA and LCA id coded rings

Normally available from 1st December the 2024 LCA and LCA id coded rings are now available to order.

Information on the costs and postage and the order form can be found by clicking this link.

National 2023 – R&I Wright win again.

At the 2023 National, for the second year in a row, Best Lizard and Best Champion Lizard went to Rob & Ian Wright. The winning broken cap gold hen had a really nice depth of colour which displayed its lovely straight dark spangle really well. The 2nd best champion was a clear cap gold hen which was also from the same partnership.

And following his success as top Novice in the 2022 National and winning the LCA Classic in 2022, Ray Anthony was top Novice at the 2023 National. His clear cap gold cock had really good ground colour and a nice back with dark spangle the line up well at times. Ray had a good day in the Novice section winning 2nd best with a clear cap gold hen and 3rd best with a broken cap gold cock.

To read the full report from David Allen – LCA Panel Judge please click here.

LCA Classic – 2023

Every year there is one date that is a must for any Lizard breeders and that is the date for the LCA Classic.

In 2023 the show is being held, as usual, on the first Sunday in November – 5th. The show will be staged at Roade Village Hall, Bailey Brooks Lane, Roade, Northampton, NN7 2LS

Judges this year are LCA panel Judges Tomas Hernandez and Andy Williamson.

This year we will again be offering sales classes for members wishing to sell some of their surplus stock.

Schedules have been issued to all members and they can also be downloaded by using the following links.

Show schedule and classes
Show entry form
Sales rules and entry form


The National Exhibition Show – Stafford 2023

The first show of the year is always the National and this year is no exception. The show is being held on Sunday – 1st October 2023 at the Staffordshire County Showground, Weston Road, Stafford ST18 0BD.

The judge this year is LCA panel judge David Allen and the show secretary is Andy Beesley. Show schedules will be sent out to all current LCA members. You can contact Andy Beesley for the show information or download the information by clicking on the links below.

Show schedule
Show entry form

Contact details
Mr Andy Beesley, 72 Manor Road, Dorridge, Solihull, WEST MIDLANDS, B93 8HZ
Mobile 07801 880 392


LCA Rings

Please note that any order for LCA closed and coded rings is taking 10 days to fulfil. Please ensure you place your order well in advance of needing the rings.

Please contact Chris Jordan on 01827 261049 or via email at

Urgent action by all members needed to challenge DEFRA who are proposing draconian restrictions to our bird keeping.

DEFRA are consulting on three options, and there can be no doubt that whatever become Law, the regulations by which we would all have to comply, would have a devastating effect on our hobby.

To read more and to see how you can respond to the consultation click here

LCA Closed Rings – 2023.

To all members – please note that the stocks of LCA closed rings is rather low and if members still require closed rings for this year (2023) then please either call Chris Jordan (our rings secretary) on 01827 261049 or email him on with your required number of rings so that he is able to order the appropriate stock to meet your needs

Ring Orders 2023

Dispatch of orders for LCA rings for 2023 will commence week commencing 9th January 2023. The first order for coded rings will be sent to the ring supplier that week too and they will be sent on to members as soon as they are produced.

Please note that that coded ring orders will be placed with the supplier at regular intervals rather than when each order is received so there may be a slight delay in you receiving your coded rings. This slight delay may be compounded by Post Office strike action.

Congratulations to Ray Anthony winner of the 2022 LCA Classic

Well done to Novice Ray Anthony who won the 2022 LCA Classic with a clear cap gold hen. The hen showed excellent spangles and stayed steady throughout the day. As well as Best Lizard in show, the hen was awarded Best Colour fed, Best clear cap – colour fed and Best Novice. Ray was also claimed 3rd best colour fed Novice with a non-cap gold cock.

For more details including the full results please click here

Congratulations to R & I Wright who win at the 2022 National.

Best Champion/Best Lizard went to Rob & Ian Wright with a lovely Non-Cap Gold Hen after a strong challenge from Novice Ray Anthony with a broken cap silver cock.

The Wrights had a good day winning Best Lizard, Best Champion Lizard, 2nd Best Champion Lizard and Best Natural Lizard. In addition, the Wrights went on to win the Best in Show with their bird – a first for a Lizard at the National.

Joe Coakley, an experienced judge, was the judge for the day – his third National judging Lizards.

Click here to read his full report


LCA Classic & Avian-influenza-prevention-zone biosecurity measures stipulated by DEFRA

You may be aware that there are some areas within the UK that have Avian flu restrictions imposed. The link below will take you to the live map of those areas.

Note – this map is changing everyday so please continue to check daily.

So, what does this mean for the LCA Classic?

 We are continuing to accept all entries for the LCA Classic but if you are in a protection or surveillance zone at the time of the Classic we cannot accept your birds at the show. This is because under the declaration of a protection or surveillance zone you cannot move birds unless approved by a VET. If this is the case please let us know and we will send your cheque/online payment back to you.

 A condition of entry of birds into the Classic by any exhibitor in an AIPZ is that all enhanced biosecurity measures stipulated by DEFRA have been complied with.

The following link explains the conditions you must meet if you live in one of these areas. If you have less than 500 captive birds at your home address, then schedules 1 & 3 apply. Please note that although many of the requirements are targeted on poultry keepers, they apply to all captive birds, including canaries. The key elements are all to do with sensible hygiene and management of your birds and reducing the risk of infection.

  • 3km Protection Zones
  • 10km Surveillance zones
  • 3km Captive bird (monitoring) controlled zone

Here is a link of the current areas within those zones.

Note – it is your responsibility to check if you are in an affected zone before booking any travel, the LCA will not be held responsible or reimburse any wasted travel costs.

2022 LCA Classic – 6th November

The 2022 LCA Classic is scheduled to be held at Roade Village Hall Bailey Brooks Ln, Roade, Northampton NN7 2LS on Sunday 6th November 2022. Birds can be booked in from 08.00. We have engaged two LCA Panel judges – Jeremy Goacher and John Record – to undertake the judging and the show will be managed by Chris Jordan with David Newton as show steward.

Closing date for entries – Saturday 29th October 2022

This year we are also having a silent auction where members can offer Classic Lizard Canaries for sale to sell excess personal stock and/or to raise money for the LCA. The auction is being managed by Debbie Goacher with Alex Maclean booking the birds in. The birds will be judged by Daniel Richmond.

All the show information has been issued to all current UK LCA members on 3rd October. Full details can also be downloaded – click on the links below.

Show Schedule classes and rules

Show entry form

Sales rules and entry form for the silent auction

National Exhibition – Sunday 2nd October 2022 – Staffordshire Showground ST18 0BD

National schedule and entry form are available from:-

Mrs Debbie Goacher, 99 Dalestorth Street, Sutton in Ashfield, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, NG17 4EW. Mobile: 07977 335063


Classes will be provided for colour-fed and natural Classic Lizard canaries and prizes awarded to the Best Champion, Best Novice and Best Junior. Show schedules will be sent to all current LCA members.

Closing date for entries – Wednesday 21st September 2022

Updated Lizard show cage standard.

Black vinyl wrapping
Following consultation with the LCA Council members the Lizard show cage standard has been updated to include the use of black vinyl wrapping for the outside of the cage. Click here for the article published in C&AB 17th August 2021

Clarification on the use of drinkers on Show cages.
After discussion at the May 2022 Council meeting the following clarification on the use of ‘D’ cup and drinkers on show cages has issued. Two options are available a ‘D’ cup drinker or a tubular drinker (10ml medicine version with a black base). The choice of drinker rests with the exhibitor. The exhibitor can opt for either one of the options or both. If the 10ml medicine drinker is used it is to be positioned between the 2nd and 3rd bars on the left front of the cage.

Please click to see the full show cage standard

LCA Patronage

Following the recent LCA council meeting the patronage offered by the LCA has been updated. Please click on the link to read the full details.

LCA Council meeting

The LCA will be holding a Council meeting on the 3rd Sunday in May – 15th May 2022. If any member has a particular item they would like discussed at the meeting please raise it with a Council member. Click here for Council member contact information.

Ian Adcock wins the Classic broken cap silver cock

After the loss of the Classic last year due to Covid restrictions it was pleasing to see the 2021 Classic go ahead and be well supported.

The show retained most of its tried and tested format, but there were innovations too. Click here for more information

Robert Yates Award – 2021

Hardworking chairman is awarded ‘well-deserved’ Robert Yates trophy THE LIZARD CANARY Association (LCA) has presented club chairman Jeremy Goacher with its prestigious Robert Yates Award… Click here to continue to read the article published in C&AB on 1st December 2021

LCA Classic 2021 – Prizes

After the issue of the show schedule we received a very generous donation for use as prize money at the forthcoming 2021 Classic.

The donor has requested that the money be presented as follows:-

  • £50 for Best Colour-fed.
  • £25 for Second Best Colour-fed.
  • £50 for Best Natural.
  • £25 for Second Best Natural.
  • £25 for Highly Commended Champion (i.e. any other bird in the Champion classes that the judge considers worthy of acclaim).
  • £25 for Highly Commended Novice (i.e. any other bird in the Novice classes that the judge considers worthy of acclaim).

The prizes will be awarded as follows – one bird, one prize.

LCA Classic 2021 – Sunday 14th November

The 2021 LCA Classic is to be held at Roade on the 2nd Sunday in November – 14th November.

Classes for the 2021 Classic will be the same as 2019 ie Colour fed – 14 Champion and 14 Novice classes and for Naturals – 7 Champion and 7 Novice classes. There will be awards for both Best Colour fed and Best Natural Lizards. Show schedules and entry forms have been sent out to all members.

Click here for the Show Schedule Classes and rules 2021 booklet
Click here for the Show Entry Form

They are also available from Ian Adcock – the Show Secretary. Please either email Ian at call 07711 191811

Entries close on the 7th November

Special rules that apply to the 2021 LCA Classic.

Most importantly, to ensure everyone’s safety, you must not attend the show if you or anyone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms or you have been in close contact with someone who is Covid positive.

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms within 7 days of visiting the event alert the Show Secretary so that the other attendees can be alerted.

As you are probably aware, there are no longer any specific Covid restrictions in place.

Although face coverings are no longer mandatory, if you feel more comfortable wearing one, then please feel free to do so. We recommend them whilst moving about.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone and believe that, with a little common sense, we can enjoy ourselves as safely as possible.

Please note that the Classic will revert to its usual slot of the 1st Sunday in November in 2022.

Please note that the Classic will revert to its usual slot of the 1st Sunday in November in 2022.