Alex Maclean wins the Classic with a broken cap gold hen

After the loss of the Classic last year it was pleasing to see the 2019 go ahead and be well supported.

The new team in charge (appointed at the EGM on the 10th March) took control of the event and it ran very smoothly. David Allen undertook the judging duties and was more than happy to be observed and explain his choices to guests from Italy – Pino Scalamandrè and his son Roberto.

Many contributed to making the event a success and hopefully we will build on that success at the 2020 Classic. Specific thank go to Jeremy Goacher (transporter of the staging), Chris Jordan and David Newton (stewards), Debbie Goacher (raffle organiser and caller) and Noel Sidney (caterer). Noel along with Carlos de Santa Ana lead the banter creating a fun and friendly atmosphere at the event.

Perhaps the biggest thanks should go to all the members made the journey to bring their birds to the show.

Ian Adcock
Show Secretary

Judges report LCA Classic 3rd November 2019

I was pleased to see a good number of birds and a good number of novice birds as well. My first impressions were that the silvers were not as good as the golds. This is a little concern to me as silvers had usually been of high quality.

The best bird, a broken cap gold hen of Alex Maclean took my eye as soon as it came to the judging stand. It had really good depth of colour and lovely spangles. The quality of the novice birds overall was very good, which seems to follow the trend of recent years which is very pleasing.

I thing I did notice was a number of one siders, I will explain what I mean. A one sider is a lizard that one side the spangle on the wing are lovely and straight, but when the bird turns around the other side it total the opposite. You would even think you are looking at a different bird.

Second best was Daniel Richmond’s clear cap gold hen, which also took best champion. Again a nice ground colour with good spangles. Third best went to Alex with a clear cap gold. This bird didn’t really show itself as well as I think it could have. The bird wasn’t really steady when it came up for the specials and spangles didn’t line up as well as they did earlier, but it had a good ground colour. Fourth best was Dave Newton’s broken cap gold cock. Fifth best went to Tony Horton with a clear cap silver hen. The only silver in the top five, this was a really nice bird with good define spangles but again they didn’t line up as well as some of the others.

To the Natural Lizards – I was a little disappointed that this section was not better supported considering the LCA change of position. But the winning bird was outstanding in my opinion and I would have quite happily have taken it home.

It was a non-cap gold hen of Tony Horton, the spangle stood out so well on the natural colour of the lizard and there were a few nice little spangles on the cap. In fact Tony had three in this class and all three could have room in my birdroom.

I must add that the show was very well run and the atmosphere was great just like the old days of the Lizard fancy.

I would like to just say thank you to the LCA council for asking me to judge the show I really enjoyed it.

One final thing, thanks to Chris Jordan and Dave Newton for stewarding.

David Allen

LCA Panel Judge


Full results

Best Colour-fed Exhibitor
Best Lizard
Founders Trophy, plaque, Scottish LCA Special
Alex Maclean
Second Best LizardDaniel Richmond
Third Best LizardAlex Maclean
Fourth Best LizardDavid Newton
Fifth Best LizardTony Horton
Best Champion
Len Wood Memorial Trophy, plaque, Scottish LCA Special
and Australian Lizard Canary Society Special
Daniel Richmond
Second Best ChampionDavid Newton
Third Best ChampionCarlos de Santa Ana
Best Novice
F.H. Wood Novice Cup, plaque, Scottish LCA Special and
Australian Lizard Canary Society Special
Alex Maclean
Second Best NoviceAlex Maclean
Third Best NoviceTony Horton
Best Clear cap : A.W. TrophyDaniel Richmond
Best Broken cap : Ruskin TrophyAlex Maclean
Best Non-cap : Breeders CupHarry Slater
Best Over Year : Over Year TrophyDaniel Richmond
Best Champion Clear capDaniel Richmond
Best Champion Broken capDavid Newton
Best Champion Non-capHarry Slater
Best Champion Over YearDaniel Richmond
Best Novice Clear capAlex Maclean
Best Novice Broken capAlex Maclean
Best Novice Non-capTony Horton
Best Novice Over Yearn/a
Best Gold – ChampionDaniel Richmond
Best Silver – ChampionCarlos de Santa Ana
Best Gold – NoviceAlex Maclean
Best Silver – NoviceTony Horton
Best NaturalsExhibitor
Best Lizard – Natural
Barnes Trophy & plaque and
Australian Lizard Canary Society Special
Tony Horton
Best Championn/a
Best Novice – Natural : PlaqueTony Horton
Second Best Novice – NaturalTony Horton
Third Best Novice – NaturalTony Horton