Scale of points for Lizard canaries

SpanglesFor regularity and distinctness25
Feather QualityFor tightness and silkiness15
Ground ColourFor depth and evenness10
BreastFor extent & regularity of Rowing’s10
Wings and TailFor neatness and darkness10
CapFor neatness and shape10
Covert FeathersFor Lacing’s  5
EyelashFor regularity and clarity  5
Beak , Legs & FeetFor darkness  5
Steadiness & Staging   5

Condition is taken for granted.  A bird which, in the opinion of the Judge, is not in perfect health or which shows any physical defect shall not be credited with any points for other virtues.

In classes of Non Capped or Nearly Non Capped Lizards, points to a maximum of TEN are awarded for the perfection of spangling on the head.

The wearing of Rings is optional.  If worn, closed or open rings may be used in accordance with the wishes of the exhibitor.