The officers of the Association welcome all new members.

The affairs of the Association are conducted by the Council. New members are asked to bear in mind that the Lizard Canary Association is managed in members’ interests and those of fellow members with equal consideration whether Champion, Novice, Junior or beginner.

Any difficulty encountered, advice needed or any suggestion members may care to make are dealt with either by the Council or referred to the appropriate authority on the subject.

Contact is maintained with members by any appropriate means including the LCA website and correspondence.

The Annual General Meeting is usually held each year at the LCA Classic show held on the first Sunday in November

The Lizard Canary Association offers its members:

  • A handbook that provides essential information on breeding and exhibition of Lizard canaries.
  • “The Lizard News”, a magazine with the latest news and information on the activities of the LCA and its members.
  • The LCA Classic – the premier UK show dedicated to the Lizard canary.
  • A written show standard (adopted by the C.O.M. for international bird shows).     
  • Patronage for local bird shows that accept the LCA’s show standards and judges.      
  • A panel of judges with specialist knowledge of the Lizard canary.
  • Colour coded and Id colour coded closed LCA rings and plastic split rings at competitive prices.
  • Carophyll red at competitive prices. Carophyll is the main colouring agent used by Lizard breeders.
  • Contact with other dedicated Lizard breeders.                                                               
  • Information and advice on all aspects of the history, breeding and exhibiting of the Lizard canary.