The Lizard Canary Association of Great Britain (L.C.A.) invites applications for patronage from show organising Clubs and Societies. The Associations patronage is provided free to successful applicants providing that the qualifying requirements are fulfilled.

1. Grades of patronage:

GOLD for All-Lizard shows and other major shows with a reasonable expectation of an entry of 80 or more Lizard canaries. The FULL classification shall be adopted.
SILVER for CBS shows with a reasonable expectation of 40 or more Lizards. The FULL classification is recommended but the INTERMEDIATE classification is also accepted.
BRONZE for all other shows. The FULL, INTERMEDIATE or BASIC classifications may be adopted.

2. Patronage

GOLD patronage:
Cash prize of £10 for Best Lizard.
Rosettes for Best Lizard, Best Champion Colour-fed, Best Champion natural coloured, Best Novice colour-fed, Best Novice natural coloured, and Best Junior Lizard canaries.

SILVER patronage:
Rosettes for Best Lizard, Best & 2nd Best Champion, Best & 2nd Best Novice, Best Junior Lizard canaries.

BRONZE patronage:
Rosettes for Best Lizard, Best Champion, Best Novice and Best Junior Lizard canaries.

3. Classification:

Colour-fed Lizards
Clear cap gold cock
Clear cap silver cock
Broken cap gold cock
Broken cap silver cock
Clear cap gold hen
Clear cap silver hen
Broken cap gold hen
Broken cap silver hen
Non cap gold cock
Non cap silver cock
Non cap gold hen
Non cap silver hen
Over-year gold (M&F)
Over-year silver (M&F)

Natural colour Lizards
Clear cap gold (M&F)
Clear cap silver (M&F)
Broken cap gold (M&F)
Broken cap silver (M&F)
Non cap gold (M&F)
Non cap silver (M&F)
Over-year (M&F, gold & silver)

Colour-fed & Natural Lizards in same class
Clear cap gold cock (c/fed & nat)
Clear cap silver cock (c/fed & nat)
Broken cap gold cock (c/fed & nat)
Broken cap silver cock (c/fed & nat)
Clear cap gold hen (c/fed & nat)
Clear cap silver hen (c/fed & nat)
Broken cap gold hen (c/fed & nat)
Broken cap silver hen (c/fed & nat)
Non cap gold cock (c/fed & nat)
Non cap silver cock (c/fed & nat)
Non cap gold hen (c/fed & nat)
Non cap silver hen (c/fed & nat)
Over-year gold (M&F, c/fed & nat)
Over-year silver (M&F, c/fed & nat)

Colour-fed & Natural Lizards in the same class
Clear cap gold (M&F, c/fed & nat)
Clear cap silver (M&F, c/fed & nat)
Broken cap gold (M&F, c/fed & nat)
Broken cap silver (M&F, c/fed & nat)
Non cap gold (M&F, c/fed & nat)
Non cap silver (M&F, c/fed & nat)
Over-year (M&F, c/fed & nat)

4. Notes:

a) Patronage prizes are offered for competition amongst paid-up members of the LCA.
b) The LCA recognises both colour-fed and natural-coloured Lizards in gold and silver only.
c) Both colour-fed and natural-coloured Lizards may compete for Best Lizard, Best Champion, Best Novice and Best Junior prizes.
d) If, in the opinion of the judge, the colour-fed and natural-coloured candidates for any of the above awards are of equal merit, the colour-fed bird shall take precedence.
e) Only LCA panel judges may adjudicate GOLD & SILVER patronage shows unless prior dispensation is granted by the LCA.
f) Champion, Novice and Junior status shall be in accordance with the LCA Rules.
g) In order to encourage competition, Juniors may compete in the Novice classes but are only eligible for the Junior awards. This does not jeopardise their Junior status.

Applications can be made by email or phone to the Patronage Secretary (David Newton)

Following the show the Secretary of the Club or Society granted Patronage is asked to supply the following details:-

1. a copy of the Show Schedule
2. a completed returns slip for the day including:-

  •  numbers of Lizard birds / Lizard exhibitors,
  • Lizard Award winners
  • ideally pictures of the winners.