David Newton wins Classic and Founders Trophy

Held at the Community Centre, Wollaton,  Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, the 2012 saw the Classic take on a new format with many fundamental changes, welcomed by the attending members. The number of Lizards benched was approximately 150 birds, but this did not deter members from enjoying a fantastic show in paying tribute to John Scott President of the LCA and Gordon Plumb renowned Lizard breeders.
Guest of Honour at the show was Angela Usher daughter to the late great Lizard Wizard Fred Snelling, Judges for the show were John Record and Huw Evans who between them chose Dave Newton’s Broken Cap Gold Hen as Best Lizard in show with Steve Martin taking Second Best again with a Broken Cap Gold Hen, this was also Best Novice a wonderful achievement from both breeders as 1st time winners, presentation of the trophies was kindly carried out by Angela making it a very proud moment I am sure following in the steps of her father.
Kind sponsorship of the show was from Johnstone and Jeff, LBS Gold Chips Bedding, EMP Donald Cooke, Rob Harvey, Johnson’s, Birdcare, Ryders Rosettes, providing products for exhibiting members.  There were trophies from The Australian/New Zealand Lizard Canary Association, Rosettes from all the Leading Lizard Canary societies in the UK as well as Spain, Portugal, Italy, but the day belonged to a very surprised but worthy winner Dave Newton for benching a fine example of a Broken Cap Gold Hen with good ground colour and clarity of spangle.
Other class winners on the day were as follows:
Founders Trophy, Best Lizard, C7/6 Dave Newton
Novice Trophy, Best Novice, N7/2 Steve Martin
AW Smith Trophy, Best Clear Cap, C6/1 Darren Westley
Breeders Trophy, Best Broken Cap, C7/6 Dave Newton
Over Year Trophy, Best Over Year, C14/2 Stan Bolton
Barnes Trophy, Most Points (Ch/Nov), Stan Bolton
LCA Specials
Best Lizard  C7/6 Dave Newton
Second Best Lizard N7/2 Steve Martin
Third Best C6/1 Darren Westley
Fourth Best C4/8 Stan Bolton
Fifth Best C10/1 Stan Bolton
Best Stam CSS Stan Bolton
Best Champion Clear Cap  Darren Westley
Best Champion Broken Cap  Dave Newton
Best Champion Non Cap Stan Bolton
Best Over Year  Stan Bolton
Best Novice Clear Cap Steve Martin
Best Novice Broken Cap Steve Martin

Show Report by Joe Coakley  

Pictures reproduced by permission of Joe Coakley