1st December 2019

Midland Lizard Canary Club

Best Champion and Best in Show – David Newton
Best Natural – Huw Evans

Judge Mr J Goacher

30th November 2019

Linlithgow & District Cage Bird Society

Best Lizard – Keith Johnson
Best Champion Lizard – Keith Johnson
Best Novice Lizard – Mr. S Hart

Judge Mr. W. Wallace

24th November 2019

Southern Lizard Canary Club Open Show

The quality of Lizards at the recent Southern Lizard Canary Clubs annual open show was of a high standard throughout all classes writes Judge John Record

Best Lizard, best champion, best champion silver and best non cap in the Colour Fed section, a non cap silver cock was benched by West Sussex exhibitor Daniel Richmond. This canary displayed superb ground colour and a lovely true spangle. To add to his success Daniel Richmond was also awarded 2nd Best Champion with a lovely broken cap gold cock. 3rd Best Champion in the colour fed section was staged by Carlos Santa Ana with a tight feathered clear cap Gold hen.

In the Colour fed Novice section Tony Horton with his Non cap Gold cock won the day. This canary was also best Novice Gold and best Novice non cap. This canary was simply a joy to behold a true example of an exhibition Lizard canary, and pushed very hard for best Lizard. 2nd Best Lizard, a Non Cap Gold Cock was also from Tony Horton. 3rd Best Novice and Best Novice Silver was awarded to Ian Adcock, Ian also benched best Novice Clear cap with a clear cap Gold cock.

In the Non Colour fed Lizard section Best Lizard Canary was awarded to Tony Horton with a simply wonderful broken cap gold hen. This bird displayed wonderful spangle and a steadiness that immediately caught the eye.

John Record
LCA Panel Judge

Colour Fed
Best Lizard D Richmond
2nd Best Champion D Richmond
3rd Best Champion C Santa Ana
Best Novice T Horton
2nd Best Novice T Horton
3rd Best Novice I Adcock

Non Colour Fed
Best Lizard T Horton

17th November 2019

The Scottish All Lizard Show

Best Silver, Best Novice and Best Lizard were won by Alex Maclean.

Judge Mr J Coakley

Full set of results below:-

Best Lizard – Alex Maclean
Best Champion – Keith Johnson. Best Novice – Alex Maclean
Best Champion gold – Keith Johnson. Best Novice gold – Alex Maclean
Best Champion silver – Stu Johnson. Best Novice silver – Alex Maclean
Best Champion clear cap – Keith Johnson. Best Novice clear cap – Alex Maclean
Best Champion broken cap – Stu Johnson. Best Novice broken cap – Alex Maclean
Best Champion non cap – Keith Johnson. Best Novice non cap – Steven Hart
Best Champion over year – Keith Johnson. Best Novice over year – Steven Hart

16th November 2019

Kimberley CBS Members Show

Members of the Kimberley CBS presented 26 champion Lizards on the staging.

Before starting the judging I had a quick look at all the Lizards and it was evident that some Lizards stood out from the others – most noticeably a broken cap silver hen and a broken cap gold hen.

The first class to show a special bird was the broken cap silver cock class. One of 5 birds in the class the cock had good breastwork and spangling and it showed itself well. I turned out to be a Huw Evans bird. The next bird of note was a broken cap gold hen with good ground colour with good breastwork and spangles. Then the broken cap silver hen class. Again five birds in this class and when they came to be judged all looked of very good quality. Three birds moved into the top three places, and the class was eventually won by a hen of very good colour with very good breastwork and spangles. It was certainly a ‘stand out’ bird. Next a class of non-cap silver cocks, a bird of good ground colour and good spangles but down a bit on breast work won the class for Harry Slater. Then a non-cap gold hen in a single showed good ground colour and breast and nice spangles.

The Best in Show was down to these birds with the broken cap silver hen coming out on top for Huw Evans.

Best Lizard and Best Champion (Broken cap silver hen) H. Evans.
Second Best (broken cap gold hen ) H. Evans.
Third Best (non-cap gold hen) H .Evans.
Fourth Best (broken cap silver cock) H. Evans.
Fifth Best (non-cap silver cock) H. Slater

Chris Jordan
LCA Panel Judge

16th November 2019

Kimberley Open Show

Best silver, Best gold and Best in Show was won by David Newton.

The Kimberley Open Show was the Les Parkin Memorial show in recognition of the time and effort Less put into the club and its shows. Twenty nine were presented to be judged with some excellent birds on show. After judging and determining the top birds in each class the final judgement came down to three birds –  a broken cap silver cock with good breast work and spangles, good ground colour – a good bold bird overall –  a broken cap gold hen of good colour, good breast work and spangles and  a broken cap silver hen of good ground colour, good spangles and good breast work for a silver cock

A final viewing put the broken cap silver cock as Best Lizard, the broken cap gold hen Second Best Lizard and the broken cap silver hen Third Best .

Best Lizard D. Newton.
Second Best D. Newton
Third Best  H. Evans

C.C.G.C H. Slater
B.C.G.C. H. Slater
B.C.S.C. D. Newton
B.C.S.H. H. Evans
N.C.G.C. H. Slater
N.C.S.C. K. Skinner
N.C.G.H. K. Skinner
N.C.S.H K. Skinner

Judge Mr C. Jordan

16th November 2019

South Bucks Breeders Association Open show

I was happily surprised when I arrived at show hall in Hazelmere that I had 88 Lizards in front of me, the majority being colour fed.
In the colour fed section the quality and standard differed immensely from bird to bird, in addition I encountered birds that had been entered into the wrong classes cocks in hen classes and vice versa.
In the champion section a lovely clear cap Gold cock caught my eye along with a broken cap silver hen. The Gold cock benched by Stan Bolton though was of better quality and took best champion colour fed in show. In the novice section there was only ever going to one winner and that was a broken cap Gold cock bred by Tony Horton, this Lizard really shone and was steady with great ground colour lovely feather quality and a true spangle, this bird went onto to take Best Colour fed Lizard in show. Tony Horton’s Lizards are certainly right up there with the best on the show circuit this year and his winning Lizard went on be awarded best Novice Canary in show.
To round off the day for Tony in the Non Colour fed section another Broken cap Gold cock headed the field, making this a highly successful show for the man from Buckinghamshire.

At the show I was always mindful of the passing of a great South Bucks canary man, Brian Hogg and it was so fitting that this show was dedicated to his memory. A gentleman of the fancy.

Judge J Record

10th November 2019

Havant and Solent Show (South Coast Open)

Best Champion, Best silver and Best Lizard canary were won by Gary McCarthy and the Best gold was won by Daniel Richmond.

Judge Mr G Mann.

3rd November 2019

2019 LCA Classic

For the full report on the LCA Classic 2019 click on this link

26th October 2019

Ashbourne CBS Show

Best Champion and Best Lizard were won by Harry Slater (gold non cap hen).

Judge Mr C. Jordan

26th October 2019

Grangemouth CBS Show

Best Champion and Best Lizard were won by Sandy Innes.

No novice entries.

Judge Mr W. Wallace

6th October 2019

National Exhibition 2019 – Lizard Canaries

It is rather early in the show season for Lizards to be fully moulted and ready for the show bench but nevertheless there were some impressive birds in the 55 that were benched. In the colour fed section there were 39 Champion and 10 Novice birds. For the first time this year the LCA put on classes for natural Lizards and there were six novice birds benched in these classes. It was truly a national show with Lizards from Scotland and Wales, as well as many regions of England, on display.

Judging is always a challenge but in working through the classes a number of birds started to stand out. A clear cap silver cock from Andy Williamson showed itself to be a worthy contender with good ground colour, breast work and spangle. It won in a class of seven birds and went forward for consideration for one of the specials.

The next stand out bird was a clear cap gold hen with a rich ground colour, good breast work and good spangles from Andy Williamson. The hen was a very steady bird and showed herself well. A class of broken cap gold hens was also a strong class, all showing a nice ground colour and good breast work. A bird from Carlos took first place in the class.

A new name, Mr G Davis, took a class win with a broken cap silver hen. The hen was a good coloured bold bird with good breast work and spangles. In my view she would have been worthy of third best champion in show.

In the non cap silver hens class one bird stood out straight away. The hen, one of Andy Williamson’s birds, had excellent ground colour and showed her straight spangles and good breast work well and she deserved the Best Champion Lizard award. Another one of Andy’s birds, a clear cap gold hen took the Second best Champion award.

Overall, a good display of champion birds. In the novice classes, some very good colour fed and natural Lizards were benched and they were not outshone by the champions.

In the colour fed classes it was nice to see a new name on the novice scene, a Ms Toni Owen entering her first show and acting as steward too. Overall in the colour fed classes there were some very good birds, particularly in the clear cap gold hen and the broken cap gold hen classes. The eventual winner of Best Novice was a Tony Horton colour-fed clear cap silver hen. Tony also took Second Best Novice with a natural broken cap gold hen.

The contest for Best Lizard was between Andy Williamson’s non cap silver hen and Tony Horton’s clear cap silver hen, both colour-fed birds and showing themselves at their best. After due consideration, Tony’s clear cap took the top honours.

Chris Jordan
LCA Panel Judge

Best Lizard in Show – Tony Horton (colour fed clear cap silver hen)

Best Champion – Andy Williamson (colour fed non cap silver hen)
Second Best Champion – Andy Williamson (colour-fed clear cap gold hen)

Best Novice – Tony Horton (colour fed clear cap silver hen)
Second Best Novice – Tony Horton (natural broken cap gold hen)

Best Novice Natural Lizard – Tony Horton. (broken cap gold hen)