LCA Classic 2021 – Sunday 14th November

The 2021 LCA Classic will be held at Roade on the 2nd Sunday in November – 14th November.

Classes for the 2021 Classic will be the same as 2019 ie Colour fed – 14 Champion and 14 Novice classes and for Naturals – 7 Champion and 7 Novice classes. Best in Show Awards for the 2021 Classic – The approach for the 2019 LCA Classic will be adopted for the 2021 Show ie there will be awards for both Best Colour fed and Best Natural Lizards.

Show schedules and entry forms will be sent out to all members by the Show Secretary in October.

Please note that the Classic will revert to its usual slot of the 1st Sunday in November in 2022.

26th August 2021

The National Exhibition Show – Stafford 2021 – 3rd October

The show schedule and entry form have been sent out to all members.

National schedule and entry form are also available from Tony Horton – the Show Secretary. Please either email Tony at or call 07885 371903

Classes will be provided for colour-fed and natural coloured classic Lizard canaries.

Click here for the National show schedule

Click here for the Entry form

Entries close on 24th September 2021

October 2020

LCA Classic 2020 – CANCELLED

We have been working towards holding the 2020 LCA Classic on the 1st November. We were hoping that by the first week of October the number of infections would be falling and the rules on gatherings would be relaxed, which would have allowed us to proceed with the show. However, this has not been the case and it is now clear that we are experiencing a second wave of Covid-19 infections. This means it would be rather foolhardy to continue with our plans.

It is, therefore, with great regret that I have to say that the 2020 LCA Classic has been cancelled.

Key outcomes from the LCA Council meeting – May 2020

LCA Classic 2020

We are continuing to work on the assumption that the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic that will be such that the 2020 LCA Classic at Roade is able to proceed. This is assuming that the we are able to meet all of the requirements placed such events by the Government.

Judge – Joe Coakley
Show Manager – Chris Jordan
Show Secretary – Ian Adcock

Entry fee is £1.00 per bird

Classes for the 2020 Classic will be the same as 2019 ie Colour fed – 14 Champion and 14 Novice classes and for Naturals – 7 Champion and 7 Novice classes.

Best in Show Awards for the 2020 Classic – The approach for the 2019 LCA Classic will be adopted for the 2020 Show ie there will be awards for both Best Colour fed and Best Natural Lizards.

Tubular drinkers on show cages

This has been something that has been raised as an welfare issue for the birds. The council have therefore approved the use of a 10ml tubular (medicine) drinker with a black base and clear top. The usual black ‘D’ cup drinker is still the preferred option and the use of the small tubular drinker is optional.

Honorary member

For his services to the LCA the proposal to make Ernest Garcia an honorary member of the LCA was approved. Congratulations to Ernest.

February 2020

Bottoms up!

Before you jump to conclusions, this article has nothing to do with drinking toasts, yet, when used in connection with the Lizard canary, it involves an action that is very similar. It means to take a bird in your hand and turn it upside-down so that the belly is uppermost. Some canary breeders do it to sex a bird, although that shouldn’t be necessary with the Lizard which is sexually dimorphic. There is however one very good reason why all Lizard breeders should. Click here to read the full article posted by Huw Evans on his blog Fine Spangled Sort on the 16th February 2020

15th January 2020

Updated LCA Handbook issued

The LCA Handbook has been updated and issued to all current members. If you haven’t received your updated handbook by 22nd January please advised the Secretary via email. The email address can be found on the LCA officers – LCA Council page.

3rd November 2019

Alex Maclean wins the Classic with a broken cap gold hen

After the loss of the Classic last year it was pleasing to see the 2019 show go ahead and be well supported…for the full report click here
To read the article in Cage and Aviary Birds…click here

November 2019

What does rescinding the colour feeding rule mean?

At its AGM on 3 November 2019, the Lizard Canary Association revoked the “colour feeding rule”, introduced in 2012, which had the effect of disqualifying all but colour-fed Lizard canaries from LCA patronage shows. From now on, both traditional colour-fed Lizards and natural coloured Lizards are recognised by the LCA. In order to avoid possible confusion that may arise from this decision, the LCA wishes to clarify the following:

● ‘Natural colour’ refers to the rich yellow ground colour that is unique to the classic Lizard canary.

● ‘Colour-fed’ refers to the traditional practice of adding red carotenoids (e.g. Carophyll Red) to the diet of the classic Lizard canary.

● It will be down to the personal preferences of individual breeders whether they colour feed their Lizard canaries or not. Both are permitted at LCA patronage shows.

● Show organisers have the discretion to provide separate classes for colour-fed and natural coloured Lizards, or to combine them in a single classification.

● In the event that clubs provide a separate classification, they will have the discretion to offer an award for Best Lizard(s) in addition to the awards for Best Colour-fed and Best Natural.

The same options apply to all-Lizard shows, including the LCA Classic. The approach to be taken at the latter will be decided at the LCA Council meeting in May 2020.

7th October 2019

The LCA Classic 3rd November 2019

The Show schedule, classifications and entry form have now been issued to members. Classes are being provided for colour-fed and natural coloured classic Lizard canaries. The show schedule and entry forms have been issued to members. If any member doesn’t receive the forms they can downloaded from the links below.

Any new member wishing to join the LCA and show their birds at the Classic are able to print off the show schedule, the entry form and the new member application form.

Click here for the New Member Application form.
Click here for the LCA Classic show schedule.
Click here for the LCA Classic Entry form.

Entries close on 24 October 2019.

Birds can be benched on Sunday 3rd November 20190 between 8:00 to 09.00.
Judging will start at 10.15 after the AGM.

30th August 2019

The National Exhibition Show – Stafford 2019 – 6th October

National schedule and entry form available from Bridget Boulton,  01335 344085. Bridget has a Guardian system on her phone – please follow the instructions to speak to her.

Classes will be provided for colour-fed and natural coloured classic Lizard canaries.

Click here for the National show schedule

Click here for the Entry form

Entries close on 26 September 2019

1st June 2019

Following a break in 2018, the Lizard Canary Association (LCA) Classic is back this November and it will be even bigger with separate classes for non-colour-fed Lizards.

At a recent LCA Council meeting, it was agreed that the show would be held on the usual date of the first Sunday in November, which this year will be 3 November, at the Roade Village Hall in Northamptonshire. We are looking forward to a strong turnout for the UK’s premier Lizard show to compete for the LCA Founder’s Trophy, which was presented to the LCA in 1946 by Robert H. Yates.

The show manager is Chris Jordan, John Record is show secretary and the show judge is David Allen. A show schedule will be sent out to all LCA members at the end of September.

In addition to bringing back the LCA Classic, officials have decided to put on separate classes for non-colour fed Lizards on a trial basis. Rosettes and prizes will be given to the best non-colour-fed in show, best non-colour-fed champion and best non-colour-fed novice. However, the Founders Trophy can only be competed for by colour-fed Lizards.

The provision of classes for natural-coloured Lizards at shows in recent years has proved to be a popular innovation, and more clubs and specialist societies are planning to follow suit during the 2019/20 season. Following a postal vote of all members, which closed on the 31st May, members voted by 21 votes to 15 in favour of revoking Rule 38 – the colour feeding rule. The LCA has suspended the rule requiring Lizards to be colour fed for exhibition and its guidance to judges regarding birds that are not colour-fed. This is pending a vote on revocation of the colour-feeding rule at the AGM in November. This means that natural-coloured Lizards will be eligible to compete at all shows granted LCA patronage in the 2019/20 season.

This decision was taken so that breeders, judges and show organisers would have sufficient notice to plan ahead for the entire show season. Hopefully, members will consider the trial to be a success and non-colour fed Lizards will continue to feature at the Classic in years to come.

10th March 2019

At its Extraordinary General Meeting (EMG) on 10th March, the LCA elected a new council and set a clear agenda for the future to ensure the continued survival and success of the Lizard canary – one of the oldest (if not the oldest) known canaries in the world. Thanks go to all the former LCA officials for their sterling work over the past few challenging years.

Over the months since the EGM was announced work has been underway to pull together a series of proposals that were put to all the members attending the meeting. These proposals included a renewed commitment to the original aims and objectives of the LCA – the key priorities being:

  • The conservation of the traditional Lizard
  • Revised governance procedures
  • To lead the LCA forward via the formation of a strengthened committee

It was pleasing see that the hard work put to the members who were able to attend the meeting were overwhelmingly approved.

The full list of the council members and their roles can be seen in the LCA Officers section under LCA Council on this website.