Welcome to the Birds & Equipment  – Wanted page.

The LCA are pleased to announce the trial of a new feature for its members and visitors to the LCA website – the Birds & Equipment – Wanted page. This new service from the LCA allows all who access the website to post a short message to alert fellow Lizard canary breeders that they are looking for birds or equipment.

The following guidance applies:-

  1. Your message will stay on the board for one month.
  2. You must provide a valid email address.
  3. So the potential seller is able to contact you don’t forget to provide your phone number or email address in the text
  4. Do not post your personal details, such as a home address but do include a town, city or a generic area ie: Sussex.

The LCA reserve the right to remove any post that is not within the spirit of this service.

I have read the above and agree. Take me to the Birds & Equipment  – Wanted page.