The Lizard Canary Association of Great Britain (L.C.A.) invites applications for patronage from show organising Clubs and Societies for the season 2019. The Associations patronage is provided free to successful applicants providing that the qualifying requirements are fulfilled.

Patronage may be awarded at two levels:

Level 1 – A Club Award (5 rosette award) for regional Lizard Specialist Clubs and for Cage Bird Societies who meet the minimum entry and judging requirements

Level 2 – A Full Award (3 rosette award) for Cage Bird Societies

Please Note:- For the level 1 Club Patronage the confirmed appointment of an LCA Panel judge is required and a minimum entry of 50 traditional Lizards. A list of Panel Judges can be found on the LCA website under LCA Officers.

Applications can be made by email or phone to the Patronage Secretary (David Newton) giving the following details:

  1. name of the Club/Society making the application,
  2. contact details for the officer applying, the date of the proposed show, the number Lizard canaries / Lizard canary exhibitors at the previous relevant show
  3. name of the proposed/appointed judge.

In the event of patronage being awarded the level of the grant will be decided on the information supplied.

When a grant is made, it is requested that the Club or Society publish in their Show Schedule a notice advising exhibitors that:-

  1. the LCA has granted Patronage for competition amongst fully paid up LCA members
  2. LCA rules apply to the LCA Patronage Awards

Following the show the Secretary of the Club or Society granted Patronage is asked to supply the following details:-

  1. a copy of the Show Schedule
  2. a completed returns slip for the day including:-
    • numbers of Lizard birds / Lizard exhibitors,
    • Lizard Award winners
    • ideally picture of the winners.

Details of the awards made at the show will be published on the LCA website